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Purpose 1.

To guide and standardize the operation methods and procedures of employees to improve the quality and efficiency of operation, as well as twist maintenance and maintenance of machines.

Scope of 2.

Applicable to all staff of strand workshop

3. Define

Stranded wire: the high-speed circular operation of capstan, driven by the traction force of the winding shaft, a number of copper wires are twisted together in the same direction, which can be divided into positive twisted (i.e., S twisted) and reverse twisted (i.e., Z twisted).

4. References

Wisc-002, wisc-002, wisc-002

Standard for stranded wire technology spgy-012

5. Operating methods and procedures

5.1 according to the requirements of the process card, specify the production type, specification, number of pieces, quantity, type of wire reel, skein distance, eye mold and parting

Line mode, length control and other related requirements.

5.1.1 the material lead shall be equipped with the original line according to the requirements of the process card.

5.1.2 prepare the wire reel and conduct according to the technical standard of wire reel reel.

5.1.3 get the eye mold and replace the wheel with the lay distance (the inner diameter of the eye mold is about 0.003 ~ 0.005mm larger than the outer diameter).

5.1.4 change the pitch.

5.1.5 check the condition of wire release and wire passage (bearing, wire wheel is flexible, porcelain hole is damaged, etc.).

5.1.6 check internal and external induction and braking conditions.

5.2 single wire releasing operation

5.2.1 the original production line must be qualified by QC before it can be put into production.

5.2.2 the cone nut must be locked in place

5.2.3 pull the thread head and fine tune the release tension.

5.3 line dividing operation: stratified threading shall be carried out according to the requirements of the process card, without crossing and evenly distributed.

5.4 lead operation: after the line dividing operation, pass the eye mold, the inner turning Angle lead wheel, the hinge por