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Customer service ideas and standards

In order to ensure the normal use of the machine and service life, the company strictly standardize the quality of materials and manufacturing process

I. materials

1. The strength, composition and other components of the frame materials in line with the national quality standards for carbon structural steel, size and deviation in line with the national standards.

2. The spindle material is 40Cr of high quality alloy steel conforming to national standards.

3. The secondary parts are made of high quality carbon steel 45# steel.

4. The plastic gear is made of high quality nylon with self-lubricating and good strength.

Ii. Technology

1. Welding of the frame: adopt suitable type of carbon dioxide welding electrode and solder to meet the national standard.

2. Adopt appropriate welding type. Reasonable welding process to ensure welding strength.

3. Annealing heat treatment should be carried out before boring to eliminate residual internal stress of welding seam and prevent deformation during use.

4. Forging and forming of main components to eliminate possible defects in materials and enhance stability.

5. In addition to the overall quenching and tempering treatment of the spindle, local high-frequency heat treatment is carried out at the bearing mounting position to improve the hardness and wear resistance.

6. All bearing parts and components shall be quenched and tempered to increase their strength and wear resistance.

7. Use reasonable technology, supplemented by necessary detection equipment, to verify the balance and vibration effect of the operating body, so as to ensure the normal and stable use of the equipment.

8. Twisted bow material: carbon tool steel with good heat treatment strength and elasticity; Linear cutting, electroplating polishing treatment, effectively reduce wind resistance, reduce noise; Fine polishing of wire guide parts.

9. Automatic safety protection measures: the door is controlled by electromagnetic lock, and the machine must be completely stopped before it can be opened to avo